Residential Building Surveys

We are experienced in carrying out building surveys on a full range of property types and ages. We have experience in carrying out surveys on older properties, pre 1900’s which are often grade 2 listed. These require a greater understanding of building materials and construction techniques.

We are also able to survey residential properties dated post 1900 to current day, and new build survey reports.

We are able to offer the full range of RICS Home Surveys, Level 1 Report, Level 2 (survey only) Report, Level 2 (survey and valuation) Report and Level 3 Report. We will review the property you are purchasing in detail and recommend the most suitable survey and can provide a valuation as we are RICS registered valuers.

All the surveys will aim to pick up the major defects relating to dampness, timber decay and structural movement. The condition of the main elements of the property will be commented upon.

We can also provide you with design and construction advice if you plan to carry out an extension, loft conversion, or internal alterations to the property you are buying.

We contact you shortly after we carry out the survey to provide you with our initial feedback and findings of the survey. The written report will follow shortly after.

We regularly carry out building surveys on properties for clients and then assist with planning advice and building regulation compliance recommendations, in greater detail.

Our reports are written using clear and concise language, this is helpful to other professionals who need to extract information in order to quote for repairs and understand issues that require resolving.

We provide full explanations when we report defects and essential repairs. We can provide estimated costings of work required and put a plan in place with our local contacts to provide quotations for work identified. This helps enable the purchase of the property to be less stressful, time consuming and reduces the risk of sales not progressing to completion.

RICS Home Survey reports

The RICS description of each level of survey is attached by clicking the link below. These links should provide a clear description of what to expect from each level of survey, however it is always our advice to speak to us direct in order to have a report that is right for you.

Specific Defects Reports

We are able to provide specific defect reports if you are concerned with any aspect of the condition of your property. We regularly inspect and investigate defects relating to roof coverings, cracking to walls, dampness and condensation affecting the building. It can help to provide clarity for existing home owner’s, if they are worried about an issue with their property.

Our inspection can provide peace of mind with the right advice at the right time. It may be of assistance prior to marketing your property for sale, providing information to prospective viewers, particularly if information can be provided which explains a defect is not significant or can easily be repaired.

New Home Survey Report

We are able to carry out a building survey on your new home. We find that an increasing number of clients wish to have a survey report on their new property, to ensure there are no serious issues with the property that could be corrected prior to their move in date. Although many of the new build properties are provided with a 10 year warranty, there is the possibility of defects arising within the first few weeks of the property being completed. The issues found can range from structural issues, brickwork being outside tolerance levels or simple snagging issues that need to be added to the list of work required.

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