Building regulations

We listen carefully to our client’s requirements and will provide designs that are functional, attractive and make the best use of space and budget.

Whether your project is a new building, conversion or extension, you will need consent under the Building Regulations.  We can provide the necessary drawings and specifications, arrange for other consultants as necessary and co-ordinate their work, plus handle your building regulation application.

The building regulations cover the ground conditions, contamination of the land, the foundation type, damp proofing, insulation levels for roofs, walls, floors, the heating system, electrics, ventilation, fire safety, accessibility, structural stability, sound insulation, and plumbing/drainage works.

We handle the building regulation compliance for your project. With our extensive knowledge of the building regulations we are able to guide your project to the final completion and sign off. We can ensure construction and workmanship on the project is to the standard expected to achieve an above standard finish. Attention to detail and making sure work is done right first time is a cost effective way to a successful project.

Prior to building work commencing we can provide the architectural drawings and specifications required to be submitted to building control for their approval.

This work generally follows the initial design work we have undertaken for your project. Clients often use these drawings to send to contractors and builders to receive estimated costs for carrying out the building work.